The StandRite-Pro™ provides a point of contact at the shins to control postural sway to reduce fatigue and flex the knees to reduce lower back pain, strain and injury.  When people stand, they experience postural sway and the body works hard to hold balance in gravity. This uses energy and affects cognitive focus. Chairs, beds, leaning in doorways and even movement (motion) control sway but those are not useful in standing quietly. The angled pad provides a positive shin angle to allow for proper hip hinge movement, reducing torque in the lower back just as prescribed in deadlifting. As we work in a comfortable position the core strengthens to a more dynamic stance.

You should use the same pressure as leaning in a doorway. At times you will feel more pressure on the pad than other times depending on the task. The key is to approach the support from the front and place one foot or both feet under the pad so the shin makes contact with the bottom edge of the pad. Then simply bend your knee(s) to make contact. The slightest contact with the pad will control postural sway in the same way leaning, lying down or sitting does.

Results can vary from person to person based on individual fitness, strength and prior health conditions. Most users experience initial relaxation within 30 seconds, especially in the core. However standing without any support for as long as we have, has resulted in immense tension throughout the body. It can take several days or weeks before the tension dissipates and the muscles begin to strengthen to the dynamic stance. 

We recommend gradually increasing use intermittently as you strengthen to flex knee standing. This is because we are fundamentally changing the angle of the feet, ankles, calves, thighs and glutes and related tendons, muscles and fascia from "locked knee" standing to "dynamic standing". You may feel some minor discomfort in the feet ankles legs and thighs similar to beginning a exercise plan. As the body adjusts, you will become more comfortable and you can increase usage. Periodically step away from the pad and roll your feet and ankles, perform toe and heel lifts and otherwise stretch your legs. Your body will get used to the changes in the new stance and build strength in the weaker areas. The StandRite-Pro™ is designed for intermittent use to control postural sway and encourage dynamic movement, so move to and from as needed for comfort. Remember, that although movement is healthy, the real risk of musculoskeletal disorders begins whenever we stop moving to perform the task. That is when you need the StandRite-Pro™.

Yes, the StandRite-Pro™ is designed to control postural sway to reduce tension in the fascia. Massage therapy, yoga and meditation are all based on relaxing the tension in the fascia and the appointments are usually an hour or less. Each time you return to the StandRite-Pro™, you control postural sway and reduce the tension while working. The real risk of musculoskeletal disorders begins whenever we stop moving to perform the task.

Yes, although you are moving more than you think in specific work stations requiring your constant attention, you spend considerable time leaning and shifting your weight from one foot to the other. The StandRite-Pro™ gives you a lean point when needed, freeing your hands to perform the task. You can simply straighten your legs periodically which moves you away from the pad. As you feel a need to relax, simply bend your knees again and make contact. Use as needed.

Human Balance and Stability Systems has considered results from published studies across a wide range of research disciplines such as gait, posture, sway, fascia, fitness, evolution, stress, health, lower back pain, and many others. For centuries, the world has developed innovations and automated processes with little regard to the specific "causes" of pain and fatigue in standing we have identified. That thinking has resulted in solutions to treat the "symptoms". By combining these various research disciplines we were able to identify postural sway and locked knees and the two main "causes" and build a fixture for the body to address it.

Our products are designed for standing tasks of any duration and provide unimpeded ingress and egress to and away from the work. This simple footprint is installed in the untraveled space between the user and the work. You can use it or not use it, based on your need for support. We encourage dynamic standing and movement throughout the workspace, and nothing could be more versatile to achieve that.

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