Will you address fatigue and locked knees if CCOHS does?

CCOHS lays out the dangers of standing in the workplace without balance and stability. This article was written in 2016, a month after we formed HBS Systems. Today, you can address both conditions , decisively and immediately, in any industry. By installing our patented StandRite-Pro balance support in the untraveled space between the normal standing position and the task, your workers can utilize a comfortable balance point to control the postural sway that causes fatigue whenever they stop moving to work. At the same time, they can flex their knees and strengthen to a dynamic stance in just a few short weeks. The tension, stress and inflammation caused by balancing, is reduced resulting in improved wellness, productivity and engagement.

Every time we get out of a chair and stand up, we experience postural sway. The marketing for anti fatigue mats calls this postural sway, “tiny healthy movements” when in fact, the balancing is dragging even more energy from your workers. You bought these floor mats for every workstation to help the workers when they stop moving to perform tasks. But, as the sway builds fatigue and discomfort, the workers lock their hips to stabilize which increases torque on the lower back. Workers continue to complain and management tries to improve conditions, but you could never address the underlying causes of fatigue and pain, until now. So, change that, before you spent any more capital on anything else.


Working in a Standing Position – Basic Information by CCOHS – 7/4/2016


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