Providing an Effective Solution to the Dangers of Standing

Our Story

Human Balance and Stability (HBS) Systems was formed in 2016 by Cathy and Jerry Sitek, owners and operators of a machine shop with thirty-five years of experience in toolmaking and hands-on engineering. Over the years, they suffered back pain, foot pain and fatigue that severly impacted their performance and productivity. 

They tried various methods to reduce fatigue while standing, such as more frequent breaks, various ergonomic solutions, changing shoes, sole inserts, and even stools. They knew they needed to develop a solution themselves or retire. They fashioned a prototype support to address the chronic pain and weariness they experienced standing at their machines and determined that the fundemental problem was balance and stability. Within weeks of using the what is now the StandRite-Pro™, the founders realized that they had more energy and experienced less pain while they stood to perform their usual tasks. Within months they felt no back pain at all.


Our Founders


Cathy Sitek

Research and Product Development
Marketing and Education
When she was 15 years old, Cathy started working in her father’s grinding shop. Having owned and operated United Gage earlier in her career, she is no stranger to solving complicated problems by becoming a master toolmaker capable of building high-quality fixtures and tools. Her intuition, experience, and determination have cemented the HBS Systems’ mission.

Jerry Sitek

Business Development
Product Development and Supply Chain
As someone who started his career as a building tradesman, Jerry was dedicated to building a career in management and estimation in the industrial, mechanical contracting field. His practical approach, ability to converse across disciplines, and 35 years of real workplace experience help him lead HBS Systems as they provide global solutions.


Our models are suitable for nearly any sector such as industry, commercial, retail, health care, residential, education, athletics, research, and anywhere else where people stop moving to stand and perform a task. The StandRite-Pro™ is the first of its kind and was built for balance and stability and designed to control postural sway while standing to reduce and prevent chronic pain and fatigue.

The StandRite-Pro™ helps you build and sustain a forward, engaged, and dynamic stance as you perform various tasks that require standing. As you engage the legs, hips and feet in movements, you strengthen the core to improve overall mobility. The StandRite-Pro™ offers an unimpeded ingress and egress to and from its comfortable shin pad. 


Industries Served

We have created a sensible solution to pain and fatigue caused by standing. More than ever, businesses need an edge to remain competitive. Now they can move dollars spent on liabilities into the asset column in industries like:

  • Assembly
  • Athletic Conditioning
  • Commercial Offices
  • Machining
  • Customer Service
  • Education
  • Fabrication
  • Government
  • Hair Care
  • Health Care
  • Home Health Care
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Pet Grooming
  • Physical Therapy
  • Senior Health Care
  • Retail Point of Sale
  • Public Speaking

Return on Investment

HBS Systems offers a sensible and affordable way to unlock your potential by improving your wellness and productivity. If you think your company could benefit from lower workers’ compensation, risk, lost time, turnover, and injury while improving engagement, accuracy, and attracting new talent, then the StandRite-Pro™ is right for you!


We offer opportunities to collaborate on integration with your existing and future designs as well as allowing development of new models for your specific product offerings. If you make products for people who stand, we can make them comfortable. 

Custom Solutions

We can assess your company work stations and design the StandRite-Pro™ to fit your needs. Let us design a custom configuration for you. Have your engineers or ergonomic consultants contact us to develop a solution to fit your needs.