Support for Patients and Improved Focus for Caregivers

Patients, Caregivers, & Surgeons

The Healthcare Industry strives to improve patient care while reducing costs and the StandRite-Pro™ can help. By focusing on strengthened balance and stability in patients, providers will see improved results from a variety of procedures as well as improved performance in restorative requirements that saves them capital in operating costs.

Caregivers themselves experience fatigue and pain as they work throughout their shifts. The ability to maintain cognitive focus is crucial when someone’s health and life, hangs in the balance. Surgeons, surgical assistants, nurses, and caregiver professionals spend long hours standing and performing delicate tasks that often require incredible focus. They have no way to balance and stabilize as they stand which results in locked knees and fatigue. The StandRite-Pro™ reduces and prevents fatigue and pain each time caregivers stop moving to perform a task.

See this short instruction on the StandRite-Pro balance support

Dr. Daniel Clark of the Macomb Spine Care Center talks about the StandRite-Pro

Look at 86 year old Marion’s regained ability to begin to walk without her walker after just 5 weeks using the StandRite-Pro!

86 year old Marion couldn’t get out of a chair without assistance 4 weeks ago. She’s using a StandRite-Pro to strengthen and regain balance and stability.

StandRite-Pro wearable technology validation  

31.8% Reduction in lower back torque

86 y/o senior 6 month progression to balance and stability.