Avoid Locked Knees With a Balance Support

Assembly, Fabrication, & Manufacturing

Industry has seen an incredible advancement in lean practices and automation. Ergonomic consultants continue to improve the workstation and the process but workers are still standing with locked knees, the same way our ancestors did. This has resulted in excessive lower back torque and instances of musculoskeletal disorders. Balance and stability controls postural sway to reduce fatigue and improve focus. At the same time, workers flex their knees to gain leverage in tasks and reduce lower back torque just as they do in proper lifting. The risk in MSD’s begins when we stop moving to perform a task. If workers stand still long enough to use an ergonomic floor mat, they stand still long enough to benefit from a StandRite-Pro™. 

StandRite-Pro wearable technology validation  

31.8% Reduction in lower back torque

StandRite-Pro for Industry

Example of various and frequent movement while utilizing the StandRite-Pro in the workstation

StandRite-Pro for Assembly

Jig Grinding with the StandRite-Pro

Manual Machining

Manual Machining