Effective Injury Prevention for Retail Workers

Customer Service, Cashiers, & Pharmacy

Retail workers face the serious effects from standing. So serious, that retailers are now eliminating workers in reaction to the rising costs of human resources. Absenteeism, preabsenteeism, injury, disengagement and turnover have forced retailers to incorporate self check out which only passes the risk of MSDs onto the customer.

Cashiers experience postural sway which causes fatigue as the body holds balance causing them to lock their knees. Then they lift and reach which puts significant strain on the lower back. By adding the StandRite-Pro™ balance support, cashiers, customer service, pharmacy and many other retail tasks can be performed with considerably less risk.

The StandRite-Pro provides a comfortable balance point to control postural sway to reduce fatigue and it allows users to flex their knees as they reach and lift just as they are instructed to do in deadlifting.  

StandRite-Pro wearable technology validation  

31.8% Reduction in lower back torque

Instructional Video (3 min) – Please watch before using your StandRite-Pro

See this short instruction on the StandRite-Pro balance support

Dr. Daniel Clark of the Macomb Spine Care Center talks about the StandRite-Pro

StandRite-Pro for Retail

Example of StandRite-Pro in use