An Effective Balance Support for Commercial Workers

Office, Education, & Government

The header picture shows each worker controling postural sway by leaning. Office workers are joining other commercial sectors who have spent considerable time standing for centuries but these workers no longer need to lean on tables to experience relief from standing.

Regardless of the industry you stand in, standing results in postural sway and the body works hard to hold balance in gravity. This results in fatigue and locking the knees to stabilize which causes significantly higher lower back torque causing back pain from even minor activities like typing. To address the fatigue and pain, professionals suggest movement every thirty minutes. Movement (motion) is also a form of controlling postural sway and that is why you feel better in movement. The StandRite-Pro™ balance support controls postural sway to reduce the fatigue while allowing users to unlock the knees which significantly reduces the stresses on the back.

Perhaps you have invested in desk risers or height adjustable desks that are seldom used. Perhaps you are just now considering adding these options for your employees wellness. We have a solution to insure that investment provides successful results.


See this short instruction on the StandRite-Pro balance support

Dr. Daniel Clark of the Macomb Spine Care Center talks about the StandRite-Pro

StandRite-Pro wearable technology validation  

31.8% Reduction in lower back torque

Instructional Video (3 min) – Please watch before using your StandRite-Pro

StandRite-Pro for Commercial

StandRite-Pro for Gaming