People take #staticstanding for granted now; as if we are designed for it. The human body is designed for bipedal travel, not standing still. But we can’t work while we’re moving and that’s why Henry Ford decided to “move the work” instead.

Now, each new generation does more  #standing while each older generation thinks the new one is weeker than they were. Automation makes tasks easier on the surface, but the deeper issue is that we stand statically, longer, with less movement from each advancement. (ex. #leanmanufacturing)

Today, over a century later, companies spend billions on #backpain, #consultants #losttime, #turnover and #automation which eliminates humans all together. Imagine if that money could be saved.

Imagine if workers WANTED to stand and work comfortably.

Imagine their #productivity if they are relieved instead of miserable.

Imagine if they want to come to work to feel better posture…every work day.

#THINK – Address the causes.

Control the #posturalsway in standing (just like chairs do in sitting) to reduce #fatigue, #lostfocus and #injury. Enable slightly #flexedknees to introduce #properhiphinge to reduce and prevent back pain.

For a one time equipment cost between $200-$495 per standing work station, you can impliment the StandRite-Pro. We have models that slip right under the fatigue mats you bought.

For every $1 spent on ergonomics, you save $6.

Ask us about volume pricing.

Designed by standing workers, for standing workers.