Correct Posture?

Ergonomic, industrial hygiene, safety, lean, productivity improvement, risk and workers compensation professionals should take note. HBS Systems, Human Balance And Stability Systems, has secured the utility patent for an apparatus to provide balance and stability at the shins while standing.

Our StandRite-Pro assists you in your efforts to help standing workers and reduce the cost of human resources for your clients. By providing balance and stability to standing workers, you will see improved results from many current efforts and methods used now within the workstations.

Here are a few facts that have been confirmed individually through research, but that we combined to deliver a comprehensive solution. Bipedal standing results in postural sway. The body builds tension and uses energy to balance during postural sway. Tension and energy loss result in inflammation and fatigue. Humans stand with lockedknees or hyperextend their knees to feel more stable when fatigue, tension and pain build. Lower back torque increases when the knees are hyper extended or locked. Cognitive focus is impaired as workers focus on relief of fatigue and pain which results in injury.

MSD’s begin when humans STOP moving to actually perform a task.

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