A Simple Solution

Same force as doorway leaning.

You know the old saying right? “Work smarter, not harder.”

How many times (a day) do you find yourself thinking about a chair as you stand? When we sit down, lay down or just lean in doorways, its not laziness. Its the natural way we control the postural sway that occurs as our body works to balance in gravity. Controlling it [and not the design of a chair] rests our body so we can stand again. Read that again and think about how good you feel when you sit down after standing, even on a concrete block.

You would think humans would have realized how hard our bodies work to keep us upright and address it by now, as much time as we have spent plopping down in chairs. But instead, we just lock our knees and press on, as long as we are able.

Human Balance and Stability Systems was formed by standing workers who developed the StandRite-Pro to provide a comfortable balance point, whenever we stop moving, to control the sway that drains our energy. That fatigue leads to loss of focus which leads to poor productivity and even injury.  We designed the pad to allow positive shin angle so we can unlock our knees and enable proper hip hinge to prevent back pain, strain and injury.

Now you will know why it feels so good to sit down the next time you do it. When we give workers the strength to stand comfortably, they will engage and focus on being more  productive. Simple.

We made standing comfortable. www.standritepro.com StandRite-Pro balance supports by HBS Systems – Human Balance And Stability Sytems

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