Comfortable Office Standing

StandRite-Pro HBS1000

Here is another installation of the StandRite-Pro HBS1001 for commercial use. This sturdy balance support slides out from under your sitting desk whenever you choose to statically stand, but allows unimpeded movement to and away for frequent movement.

See how simple it is.

The patented StandRite-Pro by Human Balance and Stability Systems.

  • Controls postural sway to reduce fatigue. No other standing solution does this and you will only find similar comfort while sitting or lying down.
  • The angled pad provides positive shin angle to unlock the hips. This reduces lower back torque preventing pain and injury in even simple, repetitive tasks.
  • Corrects the center of gravity slightly forward to redirect 20% of the users weight off their feet.

Don’t just stand, stand corrected.

See how good it feels to build strength, better posture, and reduce the tension tbat builds while balancing on your feel. All while you work!

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