Nothing vs Something

This is from 2015 and it doesn’t  consider much of the #standingdesk market continuing to evolve today.

Chairs make sitting more comfortable for one reason; they control the #posturalsway that occurs from time standing in gravity. That sway uses energy and focus until we can sit again to control it.

Chairs are detrimental in the vast number of jobs so #staticstanding occurs throughtout the day with no way to stabalize. So, #sitters have thrown everything at #standers, except balance and stability. 

When people stand and experience the resulting fatigue, they lock their knees and hips to feel more stable which increases the forces in the neck, back, hips and legs.

Facts on #risk from the National Safety Counsel:
US annual #backpain cost – $100B+
US annual #fatigue cost -$135B+
Annully, 1,000 employee businesses spend over $275,000 on absenteeism and $750,000 on the lost productivity that results from #preabsenteeism activities like longer breaks, unnecessary trips from workspace, and lost cognitive focus in the workspace [that would explain more injuries as we spend more and more on #safety, #lean and #ergonomics].

You have tried everything else. Now control postural sway. This one time capital investment in your workstations will improve the wellness, safety and productivity of your team by encouraging #positiveshinangle to enable #properhiphinge when people stand still to work. #WinWin

There were a milion reasons not to wear safety glasses when they came out. Now its normal.


Simple solutions still solve enormous problems. 

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