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HBS Systems is a founding member of the National Safety Council MSD Solutions Lab

Sustaining Human Energy - White Paper

National Safety Counsil - Cathy's Story

Utility Patent Granted

Wearable sensor testing confirms 31.8% reduction in lower back torque

Physical Therapist Assessment

HBS Systems Booth 223 - 2019 Michigan Safety Expo April 16-17, 2019 at DeVos Place, 303 Monroe Ave., NW, Grand Rapids, MI

Oakland University Physical therapy study confirms reduction of lower back torque by 18% 

Oakland Univesity Engineering study 

Relationship Between Occupational Standing and Sitting

The Fabricator interview with HBS Systems

2018 Ergo Expo Attendees' Choice Nominee!!

  • Human Balance and Stability Systems is a nominee for the 2018 ErgoExpo Attendees’ Choice Awards! Cathy and I will be exhibiting our StandRite-Pro solution in Booth 416 so stop by for a minute. Feel relaxation within 30 seconds and you can use the remaining 30 seconds to cast your ballot!

HBS Systems interview with Modern Machine Shop Magazine

2018 Michigan Small Business Award Nominee - HBS Systems

Human Balance and Stability Systems is set to exhibit at Ergo Expo 2018 - Booth 416

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StandRite-Pro wearable technology validation  

31.8% Reduction in lower back torque

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Dr. Daniel Clark of the Macomb Spine Care Center talks about the StandRite-Pro