StandRite-Pro HBS1002V


Controls postural sway to reduce fatigue just like chairs or leaning, but allows you to continue to intermittently stand and perform the task. Redirects approximately 20% of the weight off your feet by moving center of gravity slightly forward and placing minor force into the shin pad. Enables intermittent standing without locking the knees to reduce the torque in the lower back preventing pain, strain and injury. Fixed location mounting, hardware included.

Made in the USA

U.S. Patent No. 10,368,651

HTS Code (Schedule B) 9403200030


The patented StandRite-Pro HBS1002V provides a comfortable balance point during intermittent static standing. The shin pad controls postural sway to reduce the energy spent on balance lust like a chair or leaning does. The angled pad enables standing without locked knees to insure proper hip hinge movement to prevent lower back pain, strain and injury. The HBS1002V mounts on an suitable vertical surface insuring the bottom of the pad is 7” min – 8” max off the floor (hardware provided).

Made in the USA.

U.S. Patent No. 10,368,651

HTS Code (Schedule B) 9403200030

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Weight 8 lbs


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